MindMirror – Biography

After a half-decade journey and three previous releases MindMirror has released a mind-blowing EP called “Wither” consisting of four irresistible songs.  Its music is built around catchy and melodic choruses accompanied by a mixture of heart-pounding metal and rock. The lyrical themes revolve around loss and convey intriguing stories about life-shattering experiences. The music on the EP has been inspired by bands like Thunderstone, Amorphis, Iron Maiden and Pain Confessor. Some have compared MindMirror also to bands like Trivium, Sentenced and Sparzanza.

“MindMirror may be the next Sentenced, or at least the later era of the band. The same state of mind and atmosphere are in place.” (Lior Stein/Metal Temple)

To complement the new EP, also a brand new music video has been released to support the musical and lyrical themes of the title song. The video pictures a story of two brothers, one successful and the other starting to lose the light of life.


The History of MindMirror

MindMirror was founded around 2008 in Seinäjoki by guitarist Lasse Laihola who wanted to express himself in a more melodic manner after being in a trash metal band for a while. Along came drummer Henri Rantala and rhythm guitar player Karri Kallio. Not wanting to function as a three-member group, they found Juha Ritari to play the bass and Jouni Alho to handle the lead vocals. The band was given the name “MindMirror” which reflects the many sides of the human mind and is intensely linked to the band´s lyrical themes. The band is still in its original line-up and has developed musically and evolved into an energetic live act during the years. As an interesting fact, MindMirror has always operated strongly on a DIY basis. Everything including music, video and graphic design is handled by band members themselves.


First steps – Losing Myself/Crossing The Line

The debut release was the digital two-song single “Losing Myself/Crossing The Line”. During the recording process drummer Henri was still doing his mandatory service in the Finnish military so guitar player Karri did duty for a drummer. Recordings commenced in MindMirror’s rehearsal space and were the cornerstone for the bands DIY mentality and all things musical. The debut already presented grim lyrics and pointed the way for things to come. Musically speaking the release was rather melancholic and also the lyrics portrayed Finnish apathy in the footsteps of the legendary Finnish metal band Sentenced.


Sophomore effort – Daily Dose EP

The next chapter in the story of MindMirror was to get Henri back from the military. Then the band started working on the next EP called “Daily Dose” which consists of four mid-tempo songs with yet again dark lyrics. “Daily Dose” got great reviews both nationally and internationally and was compared to bands like Paradise Lost, Poisonblack and of course Sentenced. The lyrics addressed depression, freedom of choice and Nazi atrocities. The ending track “Options” featured a guest vocal performance by Ilkka Laitala from the well-known metal band Nicole. Also a studio video was published of the song “Options”. After the release of “Daily Dose” the band started playing live gigs. After a while a live video of the previously released song “Losing Myself” was released in YouTube. The title song “Daily Dose” ended up on a metal music compilation ”NOW! That´s What I Call Metal 52”.


Game opener – Fifteen Years

After a few live shows the band started writing new material and teamed up with another local band called Liquid Society to record a split single to be released in the end of 2011. MindMirror´s track “Fifteen Years” was inspired by Agatha Christie´s Hercule Poirot. “Fifteen Years” was a huge leap forward in many ways and also a change towards a faster and more modern approach. The split single got an international digital release and was extensively noticed by the music media and the big local newspaper “Ilkka”.  The release gig in the local rock bar was sold out and a huge success. MindMirror´s track got lots of airplay in rock and metal radios worldwide. Also a studio video of the song was released and it´s still the #1 most watched MindMirror video online. Interestingly, “Fifteen Years” ended up as the game opener song for the local American football team Seinäjoki Crocodiles. The release of “Fifteen Years” led to an increasing number of booked live shows and to Jouni being featured as a guest DJ in Metal Express Radio´s Guest DJ Hour.


The newly released “Wither” EP is a straightforward continuum to “Fifteen Years” and adds even more modern flavors to the unique musical and lyrical combination that is known as MindMirror. The band is hungrier than ever and ready to take the next step…