Henri Rantala
Drums &
backing vocals
Juha Ritari
Jouni Alho
Karri Kallio
Rhythm guitar
& backing vocals
Lasse Laihola
Lead guitar
& backing vocals



Jouni Alho

Jouni Alho


Other duties in MindMirror: Lyrics, vocal arrangements, webmastering & no-lifing (i.e. Computer/Video Game Addiction)

Influences: Mikael Åkerfeldt, Devin Townsend, Marco Hietala, Books-TV-movies, internet and game culture

Other projects: Defiled Icon (bass), Nome (ex-bass), Raatokuoppa (ex-bass & vocals), Mirzadeh (ex-live guitar), Ikinae (ex-bass), Takala & Sointuvarkaat (bass)

Top5 bands: Opeth, Periphery, Eluveitie, Turmion Kätilöt,  Armcannon

Equipment: Audix OM-5 microphone

Lasse Laihola

Instrument: Lead guitar & backing vocals

Other duties in MindMirror: Songwriting & lyrics, G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

Influences: Daniel Gildenlöw, Andy Timmons, Devin Townsend, Miika Tenkula,
movies & documents

Other projects: Stress Fest, Thy Devastation (ex), J.Huumo Band (live session guitar)

Top5 bands: Devin Townsend, Katatonia,
Pain of Salvation, Thunderstone, Harmaja

Equipment: Mayones Regius 6 Custom guitar, Katar Custom guitar, Ibanez Jem777VDY, Diezel Einstein amp head, Mesa Boogie Roadking 2x12 cabinet, Line6 M13 effect processor, Morley Tremonti wah pedal, Voodoo Lab control switcher, Spectraflex cabels, Ernie Ball strings, DiMarzio pickups, T-Rex pedalboard, Levy´s straps & Schaller strap locks, Dunlop Jazz 3 XL picks

Endorsed by: Mayones Guitars
Lasse Laihola
Karri Kallio Karri Kallio

Instrument: Rhythm guitar & backing vocals

Other duties in MindMirror: Songwriting, lyrics, recording, mixing, video production, noise pollution courtesy of EVH

Influences: Mikko Herranen, Nino Laurenne,
Devin Townsend, Adam Sandler, movies & documents

Other projects: HallaFreakquency, Denyall (ex), Raatokuoppa (ex-drums)

Top5 bands: Pain Confessor, Toto, Thunderstone, Tenacious D, Riverside

Equipment: ESP Horizon NT-II guitar, LTD MH-1000 guitar, EVH 5150 III amp head, Mesa Boogie Roadking 2x12 cabinet, Boss NS-2 & TU-2 pedals, Seymour Duncan pickups, Proco Lifeline cabels, Dunlop triangle picks, FinFonic custom earplugs
Juha Ritari

Instrument: Bass

Other duties in MindMirror: Lyrics, vocal arrangements, drinking long drinks (a Finnish drink with
gin and grapefruit soda)

Influences: Steve Harris, Victor Wooten, Steve Vai,
Bruce Dickinson, Hercule Poirot

Other projects: Upside Crown, Stress Fest,
Double Problems (ex)

Top5 bands: Muse, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Death, Soilwork

Equipment: Yamaha Attitude-LTD2 bass, Pedulla Series 2 bass, TC Electronic RH450 amp head & RC4 remote controller, Genz-Benz NEOX212 cabinet, D´Addario strings, Proco Lifeline cables, Monocase straps & Schaller strap locks, Shure SE315 in-ear-monitors
Juha Ritari
Henri Rantala Henri Rantala

Instrument: Drums & backing vocals

Other duties in MindMirror: Video production, graphic design, driving & memory problems

Influences: Tomas Haake, Neil Peart, Pjotr Tšaikovski, Mike Portnoy, Hans Zimmer

Other projects: Stress Fest

Top5 bands: Slipknot, Scar Symmetry, Gojira, Faith No More, Meshuggah

Equipment: Premier Genista drums,  Pearl Masters Custom snare, Remo Ambassador drum heads, Meinl cymbals, Tama Speed Cobra double pedals, Yamaha hardware, Vic Firth 7A sticks, Tama RW105 metronome



Sami Nortunen – FOH engineer